Sunday, April 27, 2008

Advice to Those to Come

Dear New English 304 students,

The semester ahead of you will seem laid back, and it almost will be. However, be careful that you put forth some effort when it comes to working as a group and when you work alone on your class assignments and quizzes. These areas are where your grades will come from and therefor to actually receive an "A" in this class you will have to put forth some effort.
Make sure you actually do the in class readings because the good Lady Rogers will take a surprise quiz/daily grade from one of them. After that occurs, you might as well sell the book back (at least you could have this year). I highly recommend that you attend every class, it's not worth missing a daily grade to sleep in when the class is this simple to get an A in.
Oh and one final thing. Always start working on your portfolios a day earlier than you think you need to because they aren't as simple as they seem (at least its very easy to have problems with them). Other than that I wish the best of luck too all of you!

without wax,

Sunday, April 20, 2008


We found a fascinating article about the trend in celebrity's to be unapologetic. It talks about Martha Stewart not posting an apology due to her pending court hearing. It mentions several other public icons and how pathetic it is that we let them get by with insincere apologies when what we as the American public really want is real remorse. I really liked this article and think it is a very true and sad statement about where our society is at today.

without wax,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ethical Lapses

It surprises me that 73% of Americans say they see a lack of ethical judgment in their places of employment. As a student with a short two years before entering the business world this should scare me. But my experience has already taught me otherwise. I am part of the 73% having worked for a company that was proud of one of their illegal advantageous competitor stomping episodes.
I think this is a sad place for America to be in. As one of the economic powerhouses in the world our country should lead the way in ethics and morals. Unfortunately the opposite has become true our over confidence has led us towards corruption. This is a scary place to be in and we should push to turn the tide as ethical humans not just as law abiding citizensIf for no other reason businesses should put a swift stop to unethical behavior just for its counter productivity.

without wax,

Sunday, April 6, 2008

From paper to the net.

Writing a paper and writing on the web are two different forms of writing. The main reason they differ is because of the audiences and the atmosphere surrounding the writing. They are, however, very similar in the fact that they both communicate and they often use the same sentence structure.

When a person writes a paper it is usually to a superior or to the public. This requires the writing to look and be professional. Web writing on the other hand does not generally need to be professional. Web writing is almost always to peers and subordinates and therefor can be written just to communicate and nothing else.

When transferring a paper to the net it is very important to remember the audience and to concentrate on how attractive the text is. It is often important to make the web writing more concise and less formal so as to not loose the audience.

I say thank goodness for computers and the web because they save trees from death!

without wax,

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Killer Bunnies

I love free blog posts! this week I have decided to write about the ever so unpopular of card games called KILLER BUNNIES. This is the most amusingly silly card game I have ever played. The goal of the game is to obtain the magic carrot. In order to accomplish this the player must have a bunny in play and have chosen the correct carrot (1-20). Players compete by sending weapons at opponents (examples are radioactive raisins, the kitchen whisk, and a nuclear bomb). Players bunnies often die of terrible misfortunes. Killer Bunnies adds insanity to the world and therefor I highly recommend it!

without wax,

resume cheating

The article really helped reinforce my understanding of the consequences of cheating on a resume. I personally don't understand why someone would feel the need to create a false resume. The more accurate you are about yourself the better match you and an honest company can make. A good match means both the company and you will be happier. Resume accuracy is key to a nation having a solid work force.

without wax,

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The presentation I enjoyed the most

I enjoyed the break from normal class with the presentations. The ones I remember most are the one about animal adoption, Judith's about shooting and the presentation about the golf course summer internship. I enjoyed them because they were different and some of them were even awkward. I think Judith's was most member able just because she asked us all to go shoot with her. I really appreciate the opportunity to present myself and I'm glad we took class time to do them.

Without Wax,